Islamic Imprints Ltd started out with one product and one simple mission – to generate funds for charity. Although we have expanded since then we have never lost this ambition and it is still central to our ethos, with the Reflections Calendar still our flagship product and all its profits still intended to go towards charity.

Inspired by their faith and the good example of Mr Mazhar Sheikh and his family Islamic Imprints supports a number of different charities both in the UK and abroad. They focus on fundamental and crucial areas of development that will hopefully have benefits for many generations to follow.

  • provide access to quality education for all
  • provide sustainable support for orphans, the impoverished, and the infirm
  • provide emergency humanitarian relief in disaster affected areas around the world
  • provide water relief for the most needy

Islamic Imprints carefully selects its sponsored charities to ensure that your money is helping where it is most needed and not lost in admin fees. They aim to find a balance between helping local charities and community organisations and larger, internationally recognised charities. This ensures that whilst helping those less fortunate abroad they do not neglect their own community here in the UK and in London in particular. Islamic Imprints firmly believes in helping anyone stricken by hardship and unfortunate circumstance regardless of race or religion. It is because of this that Islamic Imprints does selects charities based on the good work that they do and how effective they are in facilitating the important goals set out above.

A list of charities that Islamic Imprints proudly supports is below along with a description of why this charity was chosen and any targeted campaigns that they specifically fund. Why? For two reasons. Firslty, you deserve to know where your money is going. Secondly and most importantly, it is crucial for charities to build awareness of their campaigns and educate people as to the necessity of their good work and the dire need for more funding.

  • The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity
    This incredible charity funds pioneering work in cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and care to improve the lives of patients at The Royal Marsden (London) and people with cancer throughout the UK and beyond.
  • The Mushtaq Welfare Trust
    This amazing family demolished their ancestral home to build and run a six-storey school for orphan girls in Khanewal, Pakistan. Being one of the poorest areas in Pakistan the local community and especially the girls they support desperately rely on their work.
  • Muslim Hands
    Serving the most vulnerable people across the world, addressing the root causes of poverty and empowering communities, Muslim Hands are a fantastic charity providing both short and long term aid. As part of their healthcare campaign, Islamic Imprints funded multiple ‘Gifts of Sight’ (cataract operations).
  • Diabetes UK
    Diabetes is a very serious and unfortunately far too common problem not just in the UK but globally. Diabetes UK is the leading charity that cares for, connects with and campaigns on behalf of every person affected by or at risk of diabetes. They fund pioneering research into care, cure and prevention for all types of diabetes.
  • Islamic Relief
    Islamic Relief is a global force that strives to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy and diseases worldwide without regard to colour, race or creed and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner.
  • Prostate Cancer UK
    A pioneer in research, services and awareness over the last 10 years Prostate Cancer UK provide services to men and their families who are affected by cancer. Furthermore they crucially provide prostate education to medical professionals to enhance earlier diagnosis and better care.
  • Islamic Help
    Characterised by its involvement with and ability to inspire, motivate and mobilise young people Islamic Help is now working in over 20 countries to help and empower the poor and needy. They help many communities to set up schools, healthcare facilities and essential water storage as well as much needed emergency relief.
  • Ramadan Tent Project
    This amazing initiative, run by students of SOAS University, caters for the homeless and individuals in need, through the provision of food and beverages during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Furthermore they offer a social space fostering social bonds between people from all walks of life providing a platform for interfaith dialogue, integration and combatting stereotypes.
  • Mencap
    Mencap is the leading voice of learning disability, valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, and their families and carers. They work to change laws, challenge prejudice and support them to live their lives as they choose.
  • Muslim Aid
    Working in over 70 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, Muslim Aid is striving to help the poor overcome the suffering endured due to natural disasters and lack of life’s basic necessities. Specifically, Islamic Imprints supports their well digging programme – an essential yet often overlooked part of improving the welfare of a community.

Want to help? Don’t know how? Islamic Imprints not only wants to donate themselves but it also want to highlight charities and projects that need your help. Furthermore they hope to inspire and empower you to help these worthy causes.

It is important to realise that charity in any form is important and that every penny helps. If you can’t fundraise or donate on a large scale that’s okay, do what is within your means to help those who are less fortunate. Apart from buying some of the products on this website that raise money for charity, Islamic Imprints would suggest the following to get involved and help the charity of your choice:

  • Donate some money through the charity website. As much or as little as you can, it will help.
  • Fundraise by asking friends and family to donate with you to reach your pledge.
  • Do a sponsored run, walk, mountain climb, jog, swim, silence, skydive, bungee jump – anything you can think of to get sponsored for! You’ll raise money quicker than you thought.
  • Set up a charity car wash, bake sale, clothes sale, auction, dinner – any simple entrepreneurial activity that can generate funds for your charity.
  • Increase awareness through social media. Tweet, share, post, like about any cause that really affects you. You can find all the charity links through Islamic Imprints Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Donate your time. Volunteer at schools, charity events, charity shops etc. Many charities have fantastic schemes that you can volunteer with and make a real difference through. It is an extremely rewarding experience and one that has the potential to really help those in your immediate community.