There is more to business and life than making money. Islamic Imprints hopes to encapsulate this ideology across all of our services and products.

Islamic Imprints Ltd is a new UK company set up to provide high quality, original and bespoke products connected by an Islamic ethos to a worldwide audience. A fast growing and creative business, we have created a wide ranging catalogue consisting of Islamic art and calligraphy across a number of different mediums (including leather, canvas and wood) in both traditional and modern styles.

We are incredibly passionate about the art that we provide to our customers. Each piece has a story and each artist unique inspirations. We aim to display a wide range of products showcasing diverse styles from a number of different artists. In this way we will not only provide our customers with the finest Islamic Art and calligraphy from the UK and abroad but also promote Islamic Art, encouraging more artists to develop and hone their artistic skills.

Islamic Imprints is committed to continually donating and generating funds and awareness for a variety of charities both in the UK and abroad. The company carefully selects sponsored charities to ensure that their customer’s money is donated directly where it is intended and most needed. A full list of the charities Islamic Imprints works with can be found on our charity page.

Central to Islamic Imprint’s philosophy is integration and religious and social harmony, therefore, the products are designed to appeal to both Muslims and Non-Muslims, encouraging inter-faith dialogue and mutual understanding.

We hope you love our products as much as we do!


The Islamic Imprints Team